'DARK MATTER' Matte Painting - Season 3 Episode 10 - Pod Room DMP

A Matte painting I did for episode 10 of the 3rd season of SyFy's Dark Matter.
Brief was pretty clear. Previous sequence was of the cast discovering a small room of hibernation pods. The next scene, they walk through a door into a seemingly endless warehouse stacked to the ceiling with pods. As a disclaimer, the pods were already designed by the art department, but the rest of the DMP environment and all visual elements in this image were created by me, aside from the walkways. Kitbash elements from Vitaly Bulgarov's megastructures kit were utilized for the walkways.

Jeff bartzis drkm 311 016 0010 dmp 002 srgb1

Final DMP

Jeff bartzis drkm 311 016 0010 dmp 002 srgb

GIF showing the different layers of the DMP for comp reprojection.