'DARK MATTER' Concept Art - BGM Cruiser

This was the final ship that appeared on the final episode of Season 3 of Dark Matter. I had a fun time designing this ship. The brief was essentially "design a ship that looks like it doesn't fit in this universe" As it was from another dimension. Went through 4 versions before coming up with this design.
Also I started preliminary designs for the individual fighter ships that come out of the cruiser which would be revealed in the 4th season. Unfortunately the series was cancelled after season 3 ended :/ That's too bad, I really enjoyed my time working on this show at multiple different studios.

Jeff bartzis bgmcruiser concept 004

V04 - Final design

Jeff bartzis bgmcruiser concept 001

V01 - first pass

Jeff bartzis bgmfighter concept ortho 001

Preliminary fighter design sheet