Mega Rail Station - Orbital 03

On an aging, 200+ year old, orbital.
High above the earth.
The year is 2350.
A giant suspended railway system spans the circumference of the Orbital.
A colossal train, consisting of massive 4 story train cars entering the station in the heart of the city district.
Used to transport cargo/goods, from the manufacturing and farming districts, to the general population centers; The train system acts as main artery of the orbital.
The train is also home to restaurants, bars, offices, hotels, apartments, entertainment.
A city in the sky.
Due to diminishing space/zoning restrictions on the ground, most dwellings are communal households with up to 20 families living per compound.
However, a select few, the elite, live aboard the train in luxurious private condominiums.
A trip around the ring takes 35 (earth)days.

Started over a month ago on this. working on an off in spare time.
I Hope you enjoy it.

Huge thank-you to Vitaly Bulgarov and Nick Govacko for the use of their kit-bashing elements.

Jeff bartzis spacestationringcity 010

The final image.

Jeff bartzis spacestationringcity closeupcrops2

Some closeup crops

Jeff bartzis gif 3d process

ANIMATED GIF - Process from sketch to finished 3D render

Jeff bartzis gif 2d process

ANIMATED GIF - the 2D process in photoshop

Jeff bartzis 20160905 155332

The original sketch I did a while back.