ILM Artstation Challenge - The Moment WIP (withdrawn entry)

First pass of the ILM ArtStation challenge.
I was only able to participate for a short amount of time, due to work obligations.

Jeff bartzis 03

Above Tatoine.
Ext. Space.
The Imperial fleet dispose of the Tantive IV, under the order of Darth Vader, upon realizing that the plans to the Death Star are no longer onboard.

Jeff bartzis 02

Forest moon of Endor.
Ext. Night.
A Bothan spy observes an important meeting between Vader and a high ranking imperial officer before his mission to infiltrate the top secret base and steal the plans to the Death Star 2.0

Jeff bartzis 04 dantoine 02

Abandoned Rebel base on Dantoine.
Ext. Dawn.
An elite landing party of Imperial Special Forces prepares to investigate the, now, abandoned Rebel base on Dantoine; Seeking information on the Rebels or the wherabouts of the current Rebel base.