'DARK MATTER' Matte Painting - Season 3 Episode 6 - Internment Camp

Some of my recent work on season 3 of the Dark Matter television series. I was asked to create an prison camp on a lush, but realistic, alien world. Though I only had a few days to complete this, I am happy with the result.

Buildings were built in 3dCoat/kitbash, scene layout was done in Maya, shading and rendering completed in Modo.
The final image was combined and integrated in Photoshop.

As you can see, the final DMP is quite washed out. This is a result of working in LOG colorspace which is a very effective way to create images that will eventually contain high dynamic range data while working within photoshop's 16bit image mode(which only supports values of 1-255)
When the compositor gets the final DMP, they will apply a logarithmic to linear colorspace conversion.
This workflow allows for final images to have pixel values above 1(also known as superwhite values) and also retain the painter's ability to work in 16bit mode in photoshop. Best of both worlds.

Jeff bartzis drkm 306 0010 dmp v006 portfoliolow cc

A color corrected version of what I imagined the final DMP to look like.

Jeff bartzis drkm 306 0010 dmp v006 portfoliolow log

Final DMP handed off to comp. Painted in LOG colorspace.

Jeff bartzis drkm 306all 0010 dmp concept v002

concept sketch

Step by step process