Freighter Cockpit

On approach to orbital 03, while waiting for the aging computer to calculate docking vectors, the captain enjoys a smoke

This is part of a larger project I was working on a while back. Unfortunately I had to stop because I was getting overloaded at work. I decided to pick this up again, and complete a render of the cockpit, now that I found my old files and had some free time on this/last weekend. :D

Once again, a large thank-you to Vitaly Bulgarov and Nick Govacko for some kitbashing elements.

Jeff bartzis cockpit concept 06


Jeff bartzis cockpitconcept breakdown


Jeff bartzis cockpit concept 04 rawrender

Raw 3D render. Model and kitbash done in maya. Shading/texturing/rendering done in Modo.

Jeff bartzis maya scene

The ship itself has other compartments. I started this a long time ago but never got a chance to finish the whole thing.