The Journey - Artstation Challenge

This is my final submission for the 2D journey challenge, as well as some various wips.
Modeling done in Maya. Shading/Procedural textures/Rendering done in Modo, Photoshop for painting, And post process effects done in Nuke.

Jeff bartzis tj final 002

The final image

Jeff bartzis compo test4

Alternate idea for a final image. In the end, I decided against it, as it didnt really tell the story I had in my head.

Jeff bartzis tj ship completedshader rendertest 004

Lens flare madness.

Jeff bartzis tj ship completedshader rendertest 005

Detail view of the front and back of the ship.

Jeff bartzis tj ship completedshader componentbreakdown 001

Breakdown of the various components of the ship.

Jeff bartzis the journey worldconcept 01 original

This was my very first painting for the project. I just wanted to get my mind in the proper setting and mood.

Jeff bartzis tj composiitiontest 001

First pass rough concept of the final image.

Jeff bartzis tj composiitiontest 002

random concept I didnt really use.

Jeff bartzis the journey concept 02 contactsheet original

The inital rough sketches. Just exploring various shapes.

Jeff bartzis comp dag

Nuke script to apply post process effects after the Photoshop work was finished.