'DARK MATTER' Concept Art - Season 2 Episode 9

A Concept piece I did, for season 2 of SyFy channel's Dark Matter television series, during my time at FuseFX in Vancouver Canada.
I had to design the top of the space elevator which connects to the Dwarf Star tower down on the Planet's surface.
I originally created this asset to give to the modeling team to fully build and texture. It turns out that there were only a few shots and we ended up turning those shots into full Matte Painting shots which I built and composited as well.
I will update the project, or create a new one, once I have access to those shots.

Jeff bartzis dwarf spacestation final 006

Final Concept

Jeff bartzis dwarf spacestation rough 002

alternate ideas. They chose C

Jeff bartzis dkm209 049 010 dmp 001 small

rough concept for one of the matte painting shots.