Ratchet and Clank Movie - Preproduction designs and concept art (2013)

All images copyright to Rainmaker and/or Blockade and/or Sony and/or Insomniac. Do not copy or repost.
Now that the movie is finally released I am posting some old work.
I spent 6 months in the Art Department at Rainmaker Entertainment in 2013 working as a designer/concept artist for this animated feature.
Here are a few images of my work early on in the production. Keep in mind that a lot of these ended up quite different by the time the film made it to the big screen.

Jeff bartzis aleero city est 001

General est. shot of Aleero city. 3D models of the buildings were provided by Insomniac games.

Jeff bartzis dreks warship interior

Interior set design of the Drek Warship cockpit area. and some early drawings

Jeff bartzis medlab setdesign 003

MedLab set design and early concept drawings.

Jeff bartzis escapeshuttle cockpit 004

Escape shuttle interior design.

Jeff bartzis planet chunks 004
Jeff bartzis aleero city bldgs persp

Some paintovers of the 3d models Insomniac games provided us.

Jeff bartzis harvester persp 3quarter 003
Jeff bartzis harvester holding bay 003
Jeff bartzis warshipmine 001

B.T.G. A-W-E MK.5

Jeff bartzis deplanetizer extra

detail view of the deplanetizer reactor core and of the surrounding area. Also rough laser turret idea.

Jeff bartzis deplanetizer ortho 01of07 004

Early layout of the deplanetizer ship. ortho views

Jeff bartzis handcuffs perspective 001
Jeff bartzis swingshot 002